The Train the Trainers is a major project facilitated by the YMCA of Lagos Youth Council in conjunction with the YMCA of Lagos Secretariat. The project is aimed at delivering a generation of school-aged children who are well able to create, maintain and extend high standards of moral character, civility, and leadership qualities throughout the home, school and community.  The programme was held on October 8 – 11, 2020 at the Secretariat of YMCA of Lagos.

The project is centered on achieving the following objectives: 

  • Foster a culture of leadership and responsibility in school-aged children 
  • Build high sense of moral character in school-aged children 
  • Reinforce team building and management skills in school-aged children 
  • Expose students to elementary project management skills suitable for their age. 
  • Transform school children to high impact community change agents 
  • Facilitate implementation of multiple low-cost community development projects. 

Judging from the impact that the first edition recorded, impacting over 800 school children through the help of trained facilitators and volunteers, facilitators were recruited for another training. 18 people participated in the programme.


The training comprised of several engaging activities right from the opening ceremony, to the break-out sessions, games and get-together. 

Participants were able to: 

  • Discover themselves. The training exposed the reality of who they are through the character and personality test. 
  • Learn the Philosophy of YMCA as an organization and a movement
  • Learn problem solving and critical thinking by simulating real life issues. 
  • Learn YMCA signature songs 
  • Air their thoughts about issues without any form of fear or discrimination. 
  • Build healthy relationships. The training gave them the avenue to relate with one another not minding age difference and status.