This year October marks Nigeria’s 60th independence anniversary, her Diamond jubilee which is a remarkable milestone worthy of significant documentation even as the country is deeply immersed in the crisis of nationhood. Nigeria a country blessed with Human and Natural resources is laced with challenges that has stunted her growth in numerous ways.

 “Project Talk Nigeria” is aimed at directly harnessing thoughts from critical stakeholders and process them into small implementable components for onward action through advocacy and community development initiatives to boost Nigeria’s development strides. This project is the maiden edition and it intends to grow across Africa.  


  • Create a meeting point for Nigeria’s domestic and international development stakeholders
  • Briefly x-ray Nigeria’s developmental historical part
  • Harness stakeholders’ thoughts on lessons learnt through history 
  • Harvest practical ideas on the ways forward and relate same with the African Union’s Agenda 2063 and the united Nations Sustainable Development Goals 
  • Highlight the role of YMCA and young people in building the ideal Nigeria they want 
  • Derive renewed commitment to the implementation of generated ideas from stakeholders and development partners.

Project Talk Nigeria held October 1st, 2020 at LeapWorld Studio at Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria. The programme had six panelist, four onsite, two online. Below are names of panelist: 

  • Carlos Sanvee – Secretary General World YMCA (Joined Online) 
  • Dr. Nelson Magbagbeola – Secretary General Ecowas (Joined online) 
  • Funke Medun – Managing Director Leapworld Limited (Physically Present) 
  • Kayode Oyeniran – President, Youth Council YMCA of Lagos (Physically Present) 
  • Otunba Oyin Adedeji – Trustee YMCA of Lagos (Physically Present) 
  • Adeniyi Akindayomi – General Secretary/CEO YMCA of Lagos (Programme Moderator) 
  • Ifeoluwa Oyedele the Executive Director Niger Delta Power Holding Company Limited could not make it to join the event online due to his busy schedule. 
  • 100 people clicked out of which , 91 people viewed from Nigeria, 7 from the USA ,1 from Ukraine, 1 from Geneva 


A survey was carried out to sample the opinion of Nigerians about their perspective to the present state of the Nation. 

COVERAGE AREA: The survey was carried out in Lagos state Nigeria, Ikoyi (Eti-osa local government area) and Idimu (Alimosho local government area). 

SURVEY TECHNIQUE: Random sampling, Questionnaire and Focus group discussion. 



  1. I am proud to be a citizen of Nigeria.
  2. If you have the opportunity to relocate to another country, will you consider it?
  3. Nigeria needs better leaders to foster growth and development
  4. When the problem of corruption is solved, Nigeria will become a better place. 
  5. I do not believe Nigeria can be great again.


In the course of carrying out this survey, it was discovered that: 

  • Nigerians do not feel proud to be associated with the Country. 
  • Nigerians have lost faith in the leadership of the nation. 
  • There is a high rate of poverty in the country. 
  • The literacy level is high, some of the respondent could not conveniently converse in English language.
  • 90% of respondents believe that God alone can solve the problems in Nigeria. 
  • Respondents heaped the blame on government and leaders, people were not ready to take responsibility for how Nigeria will become a better country. 
  • There is hatred in the land, some of the would-be respondent were so hostile. 


  • YMCA of Lagos was able to attract a global community of viewers online.
  • The programme served as a huge publicity and membership drive for YMCA of Lagos. As a result of the programme someone decided to register to be a full member of YMCA of Lagos. 
  • Viewers were enlightened on the need to be change agents wherever they find themselves.